Are you ready?

Ready to stop being “too busy”?  Ready to stop needing to “make more time”? Ready to stop feeling guilty about all the things you aren’t doing? Ready to stop doubting your opinions and decisions?

Ready to start living with JOY?! Ready to start being fully present in your LIFE?!  Ready to start living intentionally?! Ready to be confident in your thoughts and opinions…and your voice? Ready to learn what work-life balancing really means in your life?

I’m Stephanie.

A life coach, consultant, life-long learner, mom, wife, runner, believer in learned optimism and human thriving advocate.

I have more than a decade of corporate experience where I have coached and mentored colleagues to grow their careers and find their voice. I still work in the corporate world today, so I have current-day, real-world experience. I am an expert in time management, productivity, and Positive Psychology. I have a Positive Psychology Specialization Certification from the University of Pennsylvania via Coursera and a Certificate in Personal Development from the CAPP Institute. I am also currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Positive Psychology Coaching.

I am passionate about…

helping women take control of their lives and thrive!  There is so much more to life than being “okay”. You can (and should) have a flourishing, fulfilling life.

My work is…

dedicated to helping you live with joy, be fully present in your life, live intentionally, be confident and find your voice.  To understand what work-life balancing can really mean in your life.

I am also passionate about making a difference in the lives of others through volunteering, activism, donating, speaking up…and sharing ways for you to do the same.

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I LOVE working with clients like you…

because you understand the value in putting in the work.  You’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and dig in to reach the results that you want.  You go through life doing for others, putting all of yourself into everything you do. You inspire me.  I can see the potential you have for JOY and ABUNDANCE and I can’t wait to show you how you can achieve it!

How do I know this?  I have been where you are and I have done the research and applied the skills, and seen REAL TRANSFORMATION in my life. I have figured this out and created a process that can help you!

I work with clients on the phone, or over webcam, whichever you prefer. I recognize that some women prefer to only use the phone. So that the focus is on our words and the work we are doing only.  Others prefer to use a webcam because you value that connection.  I am happy to do whatever you prefer.  I also offer email support between sessions as because I think it’s important for you to be able to check in and ask questions as your needs arise.

You’re Invited!

I invite you to schedule a Mini-Session with me. During the Mini-SessionI will tell you a little about my programs, we will talk about what you are struggling with and see if there is a fit.

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