I’m Stephanie.

A life coach, authenticity consultant, public speaker, life-long learner, mom, wife, runner, believer in learned optimism and human thriving advocate.

I have more than a decade of corporate experience where I have coached and mentored colleagues to grow their careers and find their voice. I still work in the corporate world today, so I have current-day, real-world experience. I am an expert in inclusion, authenticity, productivity, and positive psychology. I have a Positive Psychology Specialization Certification from the University of Pennsylvania via Coursera and a Certificate in Personal Development Coaching from the CAPP Institute. I am also currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Positive Psychology Coaching.

I am passionate about…

helping humans take control of their lives and thrive!  There is so much more to life than being “okay”. We can (and should) have a flourishing, fulfilling life without hiding aspects of who we are from the world.

My work is…

dedicated to helping individuals live with joy – to be fully present in our lives, live intentionally, be confident, find our voices, create our individual definitions of success, and be successful exactly as we are. 

dedicated to helping organizations thrive with employees that feel free to bring their full selves to work and with leaders that encourage compassionate conflict. This focus on belonging can exponentially enhance innovation and increase retention for the organization and add a layer of engagement and purpose to the employee’s lives.

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You’re Invited!

I invite you to schedule a Discovery with me. During the Discovery Session, I will tell you a little about my programs, we will talk about what you are struggling with and see if there is a fit.

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