Everyday Life Series

Yesterday one of my “bonus sons” (step-son) asked me if I am “completely southern”.

(Backstory: my bonus son is 13 and has lived in CO, OH, NY, and AL and has family in MI and WI – so he is definitely not “southern” despite living in AL much of his life.)

I asked him to rephrase his question to make sure I understood what he was asking.

He said, “I mean, are you all the way southern? Is all of your family from Alabama? You know, because most people that are all the way southern have strong southern accents and you really don’t.  Except for the other day when you said “ten” (te-yen).”

I explained to him that some of my family is from Florida and some from Alabama – but I grew up mostly in Alabama. But, accents and way of speaking can be influenced by many things – no just where a family is from.

His question got me thinking about being “all the way” anything.

As humans we are so many things, and never fully any one thing.  It is important that we see ourselves in this light so that we can reach our full potential and so that we can see others more fully.

We grow by embracing many parts of ourselves and embracing others’ differences.

Recognizing that there are many facets to all of us is a vital part of thriving.

You are a beautiful mosaic of experiences and expressions.

We are all beautiful mosaics.

Everyday Life Series consists of short, daily lessons and stories from my life.

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