Everyday Life Series

Yesterday, while driving to pick up my kids from school, I listened to a podcast about setting goals and the difference between Massive Action and Passive Action.

Massive Action is doing, implementing, building, or creating.

It isn’t researching, learning, planning, talking about what you address going to do, checking email, or networking. All of these actions are important, but not massive. They are passive. They are consumption of knowledge.

To take Massive Action that takes you toward your goals with excellence you have to CREATE.

You have to be willing to fail. To be wrong. To face obstacles. To adjust based on what you learned from failing, and continue to take the actions needed.

I take a lot of actions daily. But how many of those actions are truly Massive, and not Passive? How many actually create something?

Once I analyzed my schedule (yes, I have everything I do on my calendar) I realized that there are many instances throughout the day (both in my career and in my personal life) where I think I am taking serious action, but it isn’t truly Massive.

What about you?

How often are you taking Massive Action?

I challenge myself and you to be intentional about taking Massive Action at least once a day.

Everyday Life Series consists of short, daily lessons and stories from my life.

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