Everyday Life Series




How often do you schedule time with yourself?

Time to breathe. Time to just be.  Time to think with no expectations or goals.

Just you – no music, no podcast, no kids, no spouse, no colleagues – just you.

I challenge you to schedule whitespace in your calendar WEEKLY.

Start small – just 15 minutes this week.  Work your way up to a full hour.

Schedule the time and keep your commitment.

Then sit somewhere quiet and just be.

This is not the same as simple meditation (which I also highly recommend).  My “whitespace practice” is slightly different.

  1. Take a 10-minute meditation walk: as you walk focus on your breathing; if your mind starts to wander, bring your thoughts back to your breath.
  2. Immediately after the walk (do not talk to anyone), sit down
  3. Have a blank pad of paper and a pen(NO ELECTRONICS – you don’t need that temptation to check your email or social media)
  4. Empty your brain of ANY thought you have: to-do items, project plans, creative ideas.
  5. DO NOT judge your thoughts, just get them out. (You can organize your thoughts later)

You will be surprised how many creative ideas you can set free by freeing your mind.

I have gotten away from this practice lately, and as I am reminding myself to get back to making it a priority – I thought all of you might benefit as well!

Everyday Life Series consists of short, daily lessons and stories from my life.

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