Everyday Life Series

I am about to run out the door to work, but I gave myself some quiet space (that’s another post) to think before leaving and a lesson from my life showed up.

I have heard this lesson twice recently.  Once earlier this month while I was helping to facilitate a training.  The training was on Agile Methodology, but the lesson holds true.  He said something like, “you either do Agile or you don’t; you don’t half-do it.  If you are only trying to do it then you aren’t doing it.”.

Then again, last week while listening to a podcast I heard the same message.

Stop “trying” to do things. Do the thing or don’t do the thing.  If you are learning how to do the thing then DO the things that you need to do to learn it.

Don’t “try” to run a marathon.  “Train” for a marathon.

Don’t “try” to eat healthier.  Make (and implement) an eating plan.

Don’t “try” to be a better parent/spouse/employee/human. Implement ways to improve… have a plan and stick to it.

Give yourself some grace to make mistakes, but stop “trying” to do things.  DO THEM.  Have a plan, execute the plan…and DO or DON’T DO, don’t try.

And, yes, I know Yoda gave the same advice, but this advice is not only for Jedis.

My challenge to you today?  Notice how many times you say you are “trying” to do things.

My challenge to you for tomorrow and beyond?  Take “trying” out of your vocabulary.

Everyday Life Series consists of short, daily lessons and stories from my life.


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