Everyday Life Series

“Aha!” moments – those moments when you can almost see the light bulb go on above your head.  When you feel a shift in your heart/soul that either confirms an intuition you’ve had or brings a brand new perspective.

These moments make me feel more alive.  Like every part of my consciousness is aware that this is a pivotal moment.  A moment that will be remembered, even though it may be small.

Sometimes these moments come from actions with one set of expected outcomes, but the result you get is SO MUCH MORE!

I had one of those moments recently.

I asked several women that I am friends with to answer a few questions.

I asked women that I thought were in my ideal niche.  I am working to write blog posts that are impactful and create one-on-one coaching programs and group workshops that can bring real transformation (blog/coaching speak, I know – stay with me).

I asked questions like…

  • What do you want your life to look like?
  • What would you need to change for your life to look the way you imagine?
  • What frustrates you?
  • What inspires you?
  • What problem do you have that you want to be solved?

What I hoped to gain was an insight into what my “ideal client” is thinking and what is really needed.  While I did get some of that insight…what I actually got was so much more.


For MONTHS I have struggled to “narrow my niche” – that is what brought a lot of inaction on my part. From the very beginning of this idea to have a blog and coaching practice, I have felt the pull to focus on women who try to do it all – be healthy, have a successful career, be a good mom, be a good wife, practice self-care, and be HAPPY.

I kept holding myself back from this focus. I didn’t want to exclude anyone.  It felt odd to think about only moms with careers.  Even writing this now, I have rewritten this sentence several times for fear of offending a group I am not including – men, women who aren’t moms, moms who don’t work outside the home, etc.  But, I know it is also important to make sure that those that come to read my blog or seek my coaching know where my expertise and passion lie.


I gained clarity from every response I received.  One particular response brought forth that “AHA!” moment.  Her responses were in-line with exactly what I have been fighting myself against for so long.  Her responses were energizing – I couldn’t wait to help her find the answers she already holds and to walk with her on the journey she is seeking.

So, what I hoped to gain was focus, topics, ideas – and I did.

But, I also gained inspiration and confirmation and direction.

I held myself back for so long.  Then I finally started this journey in January with full awareness that I would do this imperfectly. That I would need to make adjustments.  And that’s okay.  THEN because I started the journey … that moment of clarity came.

I expect even more growth and clarity over time and I am excited to share this journey here!


The lesson you can take from this is really multi-faceted.

  • If you have a pull on your heart toward something, don’t just push it away without giving it careful consideration.
  • Be open to “AHA!” moments; in fact, seek them out.
  • ACT – don’t be immobilized by uncertainty or indecision.  MOVE, do something – anything – and then look for those pivotal moments to shift direction, if needed.


Everyday Life Series consists of short, daily lessons and stories from my life.

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