Everyday Life Series

Some days are not as productive as others.

Some days you spend less time doing and more time thinking.

Some days you spend less time thinking and more time doing easy tasks that don’t take much thought.

Some days you only make incremental progress toward your goals.

Know what?

That’s okay!

Because some days your brain needs time to reboot and refresh.

Some days you need to go to the park and play hide and seek in the rain with your child.

Some days you need margin and white space to allow creative thoughts to flow.

Give yourself some grace.

In fact, I recommend scheduling margin into your plan toward your goals.  Then, when you experience a day of more thought than action (or less thought and more easy task focused), you can welcome it as part of your plan.

I had to remind myself of this today. I started off the day strong with lots of intentional action. But by midday,  after losing much of what I worked on in the morning, my cognitive RAM (brain) would not kick in for me to finish what I was working on. So, I chose to focus on less creative tasks to give my brain a chance to reboot.

I will admit I was hard on myself until I sat down to reflect on my day.

I then realized how much I needed to give my brain that break. I needed to step away from the task that needed so much mental energy and focus on simple tasks. And I needed to take one of my sons to the park and play hide and seek in the rain after work.

Now I am ready to dive into my work tomorrow and implement a few ideas that came to mind tonight upon review of my day. And I can count today as part of my “margin and white space” already planned into my plan for the overall project.

Everyday Life Series consists of short, daily lessons and stories from my life.

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