Even if you’ve never heard of procrasti-doing, you’ve no doubt experienced it.

Procrasti-doing is most likely to occur when you have a REALLY big task that you don’t want to start.  Instead, you focus on all of the other 100 little tasks that you would rather do. However, it can creep in at any time.  The important thing is to recognize when this is occurring, know when to embrace it, and have a strategy ready to overcome it.

How to recognize Proscrati-doing

  • You find your mind wandering to another task or tasks that you have on your plate
  • Before you realize it, you are rearranging your desk, cleaning out a drawer, etc.
  • You start working on tasks for a project out of order.  Doing the easy tasks first instead of the most valuable or important tasks first.
  • You glance at social media, and before you know it you are watching funny cat videos


  • When you’ve been working on a creative project for some time and you’re beginning to feel burned out (perhaps you need a mental break)
  • When you’re trying to solve a problem that requires a lot of mental energy (again, perhaps you need a mental break)
  • When you’re getting a lot done that is valuable (even though you may not be getting the main task done, you’re still knocking a lot of items off your to-do list)
  • When you’re not sure if the task you are procrastinating about is important/valuable/still relevant (this gives you a cooling down period to consider what is really important to you and refocus or shift focus)


  • Think about whether the task you’re working on is something that really needs to be done (does your pencil collection really need to be organized?)
  • If it’s something that needs to be done, add it to your task list, prioritize it and determine if it really needs to be done now
  • If it’s something that does not need to be done or does not add value, STOP what you’re doing and focus your attention on your highest priority task
  • Have a pre-emptive attack plan – plan your day around your priory tasks and check your schedule often to confirm  you’re following the plan

Now that you can recognize, evaluate, and overcome procrasti-doing you have another tool to add to your productivity toolbelt to Take Control and Thrive!

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