Everyday Life Series

Well, it wasn’t actually out of order…I’ll explain.

I’m currently traveling for work. Last Saturday I went for a 12-mile walk with a colleague/friend.  When I returned to the hotel I went to the elevator and pushed the button.  I stood there a few minutes, then more people walked up.  Eventually, there were ten of us waiting for the elevator that was taking MUCH longer than usual.

A wise human in the crowd said, “I’m taking the stairs”. THE STAIRS!

The entire week of my stay I had not once thought of taking the stairs, even though I was desperately trying (rarely succeeding) to get my 10,000 steps a day. I even took the elevator to and from the gym every day.

I’m nearing the end of my two-week hotel stay and I’ve taken the stairs every day since.  I’m still not always reaching 10,000 steps, but I’m much closer.

Sometimes an inconvenience is a blessing. Sometimes we need to look around for alternatives to the way we are doing things.  The alternative may be “harder” but could help us work toward multiple goals at once with better outcomes.

You may have noticed this blog post is different from many of my previous posts.

I am attempting something new!  Writing every day. For someone that has never considered myself to be a writer, this is pretty scary!  However, it will help me grow and, more importantly, allow me to share more of my thoughts and experiences that hopefully will help others. 

But, this means that some posts will have no research, no pictures and no real formatting.  I am prioritizing my time appropriately (do as I teach). You will know these posts by their “Everyday Life” tag.




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